Teachers Across the Nation Are Using Phonics Read-Alouds!

Used in teacher trainings, classrooms and professional development across the country, Phonics Read-Alouds was started by a language and literacy specialist who desired to engage her students. Realizing that repeated exposure to oral language can aid in comprehension skills, she decided to pair that approach with evidence-based practices that prove how students learn to read. As a certified dyslexia practitioner, she incorporated over a decade and a half of theoretical and practical knowledge into teaching and writing engaging books for children.

  • πŸ“– Grounded in Research

    All of our stories are composed after hours of research from multiple reliable sources.

  • πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Written by Educators

    Every book has been written by certified educators with real classroom experience.

  • πŸ—£ Builds Comprehension

    Each read-aloud provides opportunities for fluent, expressive reading to build listening comprehension.

  • ✍️ Engaging Characters

    Bring phonics skills to life with loevable characters who teach about their skills and patterns.

The Creators of National Schwa Day! πŸŽ‰

Did you know that National Schwa Day is celebrated on or around April 7th of each year! Join in on the fun! Check out the official site at the link below! πŸ‘‡

Official Schwa Day Website

What Educators and Parents Say

  • A Curriculum Friendly Addition

    As a reading specialist, I use different curriculums. I use one for whole group instruction, another for small group instruction and a more intensive curriculum for my intervention. These books go great with them all because they are based on the facts, not just a specific program. This is a curriculum-proof series that engages all of my kiddos, whether they are reading yet or not.

    Mark R.

  • These Books are Adorable and BRILLIANT!

    I use this book in my PD sessions to help teachers better understand the Schwa. The thoughtful approach and sweet storyline is great for learners of all ages!!

    Kayla P.

  • From Professional Training to Sound Wall Instruction

    I don't know how I ever taught schwa without this amazing book! I first heard about this book in one of my professional trainings and I immediately purchased. I am a literacy consultant for a company and I present on sound walls across the country and show this book in all of my presentations. This book helped me to understand schwa in more detail and it also helped me to understand how I have been adding schwa to so many sounds. I recommend this book to anyone teaching schwa and to anyone with children in elementary school. Schwa is definitely not being taught in all the classrooms so parents may be the one to introduce this sound to their children.

    Keegan W.

  • Perfect for Adding to the Science of Reading

    I got this book to explain the schwa to my students. They didn't understand why they should add the schwa to the end of the letter sounds, but then schwa showed up in multisyllabic words. The character is very lovable and this book explains things in a way thta is friendly to kids. There's even activities to do after reading the book. I am going to order this for my whole grade level team for literacy block.

    Tasha E.

  • What a Gem in my Classroom!

    I'm writing this review as a mom and as a 2nd Grade Teacher. I wish I had these books when I first started teaching. I started homeschooling years ago and then when I got my certification, I learned about the concepts in these books. Between my own 3 kids and my students, this is the first time I've seen students so engaged in phonics concepts. But it's not just cute stories, my kids (my own and classroom) use the skills when they are decoding and reading. I got two sets! One for home and one for school.

    Jenna B.